NOVEMBER 29,2018

The ISPO Presidential Regulation is targeted to be published in mid-2019

NOVEMBER 28,2018

FoKSBI Brings Stakeholder to Accelerate Sustainable Palm Oil Development

NOVEMBER 22,2018

Public Consutation District Action Plan on Sustainable Palm Oil in Sintang Supports Sustainable Palm Oil

NOVEMBER 22,2018

FoKSBI North Sumatra: Institution of Farmers and Sustainable Palm Oil is a Priority

NOVEMBER 21,2018

North Sumatera's Dept of Agriculture Supports FoKSBI for Sustainable Palm Oil

OCTOBER 16,2018

Riau Focus on Data Collection of 1,3 Milion Ha Independent Smallholders

JUNE 1,2018

On Smallholders Capacity in National Action Plan on Sustainable Palm oil, What does it look like?

MAY 24,2018

FoKSBI Facilitates Suggestions Regarding Sustainable Palm Oil Governance