Public Consultation of Land Cover Monitoring System Using WebGIS Ecosystem and INA-Alert Android Application

DECEMBER 30,2020

Pelalawan - With the support from Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative (SPOI) - UNDP, a joint team from the IPB University (IPB) and the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN) held a public consultation and training on the use of the WebGIS Ecosystem and the INA- Alert application in monitoring cover land on 28-29December 2020 in Pelalawan District.

In collaboration with the Environmental Agency (DLH) of Pelalawan District, the activity is carried out to overcome challenges in developing a land cover monitoring system and at the same time detect occurring changes through the availability of reliable, accurate and up-to-date land cover data.

The dissemination was held to get input from the involving parties to improve the algorithm method, the system, as well as to increase the knowledge and ability of the parties in utilizing the system, stated the Head of the Environmental Agency (DLH) of Pelalawan District, Eko Novitra.

The availability of data on the distribution of plantations area and a land-cover monitoring system is needed to support the establishment of environmental performance index and to follow up the palm oil rejuvenation program in Pelalawan District.

According to Dr. Yudi Setiawan from IPB, this system was aimed to rapidly detect changes in land cover, displaying data on the spatial distribution of several strategic commodities and their changes for example palm oil and rubber commodities, and developing the WebGIS platform as a land cover change monitoring tool and using this monitoring system in Android based application.

The data used in this monitoring system comes from satellite image processing at LAPAN using algorithms aimed at detecting land cover changes, and utilizing Google Earth processing by using machine learning to produce daily detection data and predictions of land cover for strategic commodities nationally. The available data also comes from land cover data owned by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

The public consultation was continued with the trial of the INA-Alert android application to validate, verify, and detect land cover changes in plantation area and forest areas by tracing rubber plantations and the presence of rice fields in three sub-districts in Pelalawan Regency.

All activities in collaboration with IPB are expected to contribute to the SPOI project output target, namely cost-effective monitoring systems are adapted and implemented within target landscapes.