Bukit Potalo Cooperative ISPO Certification

DECEMBER 28,2018

In 2017, the Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative (SPOI), a partnership between UNDP Indonesia and Ministry of Agriculture, started to support the palm oil smallholders of Bukit Potalo Cooperative in Pelalawan, Riau. This smallholders received training and mentoring to ensure they met the ISPO Principles and Criteria, and to help strengthened the cooperative itself.

The farmers learned about Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), legal and land title issues, environment management, organization management and financing, and ISPO certification. In 2018 these farmers then went through ISPO audit and received their ISPO certification on December 2018. 

These smallholders are part of Asian Agri supply chain, and the facilitation of their certification process was also supported by the Tanoto Foundation. 

SPOI, Asian Agri, and Tanoto are participants of FoKSBI and have used the Pelalawan palm oil forum to held discussions for palm oil issues unique to Pelalawan region. 

Congratulations to the Bukit Potalo smallholders, hopefully more and more smallholders can be ISPO certified in the coming years.