Public Consultation Pelalawan District Sustainable Palm Oil (DAP-SPO) Action Plan Draft

OCTOBER 24,2019

Pangkalan Kerinci - Public Consultation on DAP of Pelalawan was initiated by SPOI UNDP as part of a commitment to accelerate the development of sustainable palm oil in Indonesia through increased cooperation between stakeholders, namely the government, private sector (palm oil company and smallholders), associations and social organization. Before the Public Consultation was carried out, it was explained in advance about the Background of Sustainable Palm Oil Platform (FoKSBI) of the District of Pelalawan through Decree of the Regent of Pelalawan No. 601 of 2017. And one of the main Agenda of the Pelalawan’s FoKSBI is to draft the DAP of Pelalawan. It should be noted that the DAP of Pelalawan aims to: 1) Reference Documents for various stakeholders; 2) Strengthening the coordination and synergy of stakeholders; and 3) Improving the monitoring of implementation which is the main objective is the development of sustainable oil palm plantations. Also explained about the components of the DAP-SPO. In this Public Consultation, obtained some input from the Pelalawan Provincial Government, in this case Disbunnak (Dinas Perkebunan dan Peternakan-Plantation and Animal Husbandry Service), in this case Hery Hadisyah conveyed, that is regarding of the allocation of 20% of land to the local community needs a legal basis and settlement of the indicated land status peatland ecosystem. Deputy Regent of Pelalawan, H. Zardewan emphasized that the Draft DAP-SPO Documents will be refined through input in public consultations and will be legalized with a Head of Regent’s Decree. H. Zardewan explained that Pelalawan District has great oil palm potential, so the development of techno park is expected to become a pioneer as a downstream industry initiator, so that palm oil products are not only CPO but also other derivative products. And activities that are being developed can answer the issue of biofuels, to maintain the price stability of oil palm products.

Edi Syafri from the Riau Islamic University, provided input on environmental management, by preventing damage and rehabilitating environmental damage, and was able to answer the prevention of forest and forest fires by supplying water sources, and also rehabilitation of damaged environments, such as river drought and river border protection. The young leader of the local Pelalawan community, Prihamadi, gave the most important issue related to forest fires and needed an in-depth investigation so that this case would not continue every year, which ironically burned land was land that had been certified by Sustainable Palm Oil. AMDAL is of main concerns, with supervision from the relevant Extension Service and this is an indicator in detecting the risk of fire, so it is proposed in the DAP-SPO to establish synergy between Extension Service in fire prevention. To strengthen the DAP-SPO, in terms of mitigation, Representative of Pelalawan District Police, AKP Ade Pranyoto, said that the Police seriously handle all forest and land fire issues, but limited human resources are an obstacle, so that synergy between various parties is needed. However, there are criticisms related to the DAP-SPO, focusing the elements in the DAP-SPO document do not touch the real conditions in the field and need to be spelled out in detail about the time frame, and the substance of the actions listed in the document are too general and not applicable. As a conclusion, this Public Consultation is

  • DAP-SPO will refer to NAP-SPO with adjustments to the interests and abilities in the Regency. There needs to be a Small Team to re-combine activities that have not yet touched field conditions
  • There needs to be a next stage of the meeting to discuss locations for the implementation of the DAP-SPO, for the determination of success indicators and strategies for their achievement.
  • Activities in the DAP-SPO, implemented continuously until 2024, so it is necessary to re-list which activities are the priorities
  • This Public Consultation functions as an auto-critic for all stakeholders, to maintain the consistency of commitments to the planned activities.
  • Pelalawan’s FoKSBI Funding needs to be considered in the future, so that there is synchronization between national and the provincial. And the program determined adjusts the ability of the relevant Extension Service in the completion of DAP-SPO activities.