The FoKSBI Steering Committee Meeting was a follow-up to the FoKSBI Sustainability

OCTOBER 8,2019

Jakarta - The Steering Committee is fully committed to supporting NAP-SPO. Preparation of Line Ministries becomes the main concern, including the readiness of the implementation mechanism, both at the level of Human Resources, Budget, coordination between the National and the Provincial level. GAPKI (Gabungan Pengusaha Kelapa Sawit-Indonesia Palm Oil Business Association) will also play a very important role in mobilizing the Provincial GAPKI to disseminate the NAP-SPO. Participation in the "Side Event" at the IPOC meeting in Bali will be very important. GAPKI General Chairperson, Joko Supriyono declared that all GAPKI members in 2020 will be certified by ISPO. "100% (certification) ISPO 2020" said Joko Supriyono at this FoKSBI Steering Committee meeting.

The substance of the Presidential Instruction of NAP-SPO is a joint commitment, if there is still a dispute in programs and activities, related to the settlement of land status in the Forest Zone, the Presidential Instruction of NAP-SPO is a complementary. The synergy of the stakeholders is needed in the implementation of the NAP-SPO. Each member of the Steering Committee gave his presentation on the progress of implementation and its commitment, the Director of Processing and Marketing of Plantation Products, Ministry of Agriculture, Dedi Junaedi, was fully committed to implementing the NAP-SPO, by holding discussions with various ministries and also private sector, in this case, GAPKI as a follow up to the 100% ISPO GAPKI Declaration in 2020 Coordination is needed with another institution such as BPDP KS (Badan Pengelola Dana Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit-Oil Palm Plantation Fund Management Agency), to implement Smallholders’ Palm Oil Replanting Program, to facilitate funding from BPDP KS to Oil Palm Smallholders. On another occasion, the Director General of Planning, Prof. Dr. Ir. Sigit Hardwinarto, M.Agr., Said directly that Ministry of Environmental and Forestry would carry out incentive communication with the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy to prepare a progress report on the implementation of Presidential Instruction No. 8 of 2018, specifically related to the moratorium. And as a follow-up to FoKSBI's Sustainability, Windrawan Inantha, from The Natural Conservancy, gave a presentation on FoKSBI which will become FoKSBI's information and institutional center going forward so that financially and resources can be sustainable.

In further discussions, many questions and clarifications regarding the contradictions in the field. Derom Bangun, Chairman of the DMSI (Indonesian Palm Oil Board), emphasized the plantation data collection in areas that have been prolonged polemic and must be resolved immediately. No more disputes will occur in the field. The Stakeholders' Commitment also became very important, conveyed by Sunari. In the discussion session, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Directorate General of Regional Development (Bangda) participated in the discussion session and was fully committed to implementing the NAP-SPO immediately. The next step after the National Action Plan is legalized by the President, is the formation of a National Team, which can accommodate all stakeholders with their inspiration and can be neutral, with the formation of the proposed FoKSBI Secretariat under the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs to be more effective in coordination.