Riau-based Media Outlets Positively Respond to Sustainable Oil Palm Development

MARCH 30,2021

Pekanbaru - National and Riau-based media outlets positively responded the Regional Government effort in sustainable palm oil development in accordance to Presidential Instruction No 6/2019 as shown in their participation during media tour to Pelalawan and Riau on 9-10 March 2021, facilitated by UNDP SPOI.


The series of activities included discussions with the Head of Pelalawan District, visit to the Amanah Association who achieved Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification, observation to smallholder training programme, and dialogue with palm oil stakeholders in Riau province.


At least six online media; Metro Riau, Riau Pos, Antara News Riau, Warta Ekonomi and CNN Indonesia, participated in a series of visits and gathered information to disseminate local government’s achievements in implementing the National Action Plan for Sustainable Palm Oil (NAP SPO).


In Pelalawan District, the most significant achievement is the legalization of the Pelalawan District Action Plan for Sustainable Palm Oil (DAP SPO) 2020-2024.


"The draft was formulated through several meetings since 2019, involving local governments, private sectors and development partners and finalized in January 2020. The government carried out the finalization and legalization process virtually due to pandemic Covid-19 managed to enact through Regent Regulation No. 73 / 2020 ", said M. Harris, Head of Pelalawan District.


Following the meeting with the Head of Pelalawan District, the journalists went to visit Ukui Dua Sub-district to meet the Amanah Farmer Association, KUD Bukit Potalo and representatives of Asian Agri that contributed to the success in achieving the ISPO certification.


"In the beginning, we experienced difficulties in complying the permit requirements, but after UNDP SPOI supported us, along with the collaboration with the private sector, we were able to achieve ISPO certification in 2016", explained Haji Sunarno (Pak Narno), Chairman of Amanah Association.


After obtaining ISPO certification, Pak Narno explained that farmers were enthusiastic to better maintain their plantation and improve our organization. They practiced better financial management that they are able to rent their own offices and self-financing the permit alongside the government funding source.


To complete the information about stallholder programme, the journalists conducted an observation of independent smallholder training in Sorek Dua Village, Pangkalan Kuras District.


The training focused on Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) and part of collaboration with Musim Mas Group, who allowed the use of their training modules.


At the end of the media tour, the journalists had a meeting with the Riau Provincial Government, GAPKI and academics at the Riau Province Plantation Office to find out how the multi-stakeholder dialogue forum in Riau could support the Provincial Government in implementing NAP SPO mandate.