Fostering Mutual Collaboration through the Dissemination of Pelalawan District Action Plan on Sustainable Palm Oil

FEBRUARY 25,2021

Pangkalan Kerinci - Pelalawan Regency in Riau Province is one of the working areas for the Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative (SPOI) program. The region currently has achieved several important milestones in sustainable palm oil development. In 2020, through series of multi-stakeholder process, Pelalawan District has successfully inked the Pelalawan District Action Plan on Sustainable Oil Palm Plantation 2020-2024 through the Regent Regulation (Peraturan Bupati) Pelalawan Nr 73/2020 as a follow-up of the Presidential Instruction Nr 6/2019 on the National Action Plan for Sustainable Palm Oil (NAP SPO).

To provide a comprehensive understanding of this regulation, the Pelalawan Government held an online outreach and dissemination activity for the Regent Regulation Nr 73/2020 on 17 February 2021 targeting all oil palm stakeholders from government, private sector, CSOs, smallholders groups, and academia, as well as national stakeholders who took interest in sustainable palm oil development in Pelalawan

The activity received good response from the national, provincial and district authorities. Deputy Regent of Pelalawan, Zardewan, provided the welcoming remarks and opening the outreach activity. In addition, Director of Government Affairs Synchronization 1 (SUPD1)  from the Directorate General of Regional Development, the Ministry of Home Affairs, were also present to provide inputs regarding synchronization of the Regent Regulation with the Presidential Instruction.

Remarks were also addressed by representative from Directorate of Processing and Marketing of Plantation Products, Directorate General of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, who stated his appreciation for such important momentum created by the Pelalawan District in achieving sustainable palm oil development.

The Riau Province Plantation Service also gave appreciation since Pelalawan has been one step ahead in establishing the Regional Action Plan. The most important thing about this socialization is the follow-up action and the reporting mechanism that will be handled by respective implementing agency. Then, further follow-up is needed is to synchronize the DAP targets in the Provincial Action Plan (PAP) and the Pelalawan Regional Mid-Term Development Plan (RPJMD).

During the Q &A session, there were many interesting questions and responses, indicating that the work of sustainable palm oil development had a lot of dynamics, even after the enactment of Presidential Instruction 6/2019.

Adding to that, Daemeter which is part of the Consortium of Resource Expert (CORE) has been contributing for sustainable palm oil production by implementing peat protection programs, accelerating Smallholders Registration Letter (STD-B) acquisition and providing alternative livelihoods for the community.

The Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA/GAPKI) Riau responded to the dissemination by raising issues related to ISPO certification and partnerships with smallholders that are part of the company's supply chain. This is in conjunction with Regent Regulation Nr 73/2020 which mandates the collaborative actions between private sector and government.

The banking sector, represented by Bank Riau Kepri, reaffirmed the existence of agribusiness loans for smallholders and smallholder oil palm replanting program (PSR) assistance to help smallholders facing funding shortages.

At the end of the socialization, Plantation and Animal Husbandry Service of Pelalawan District emphasized the Regent Regulation Nr 73/2020 must be immediately incorporated into RPJMD for its operational, and then to perform the biannual reporting in coordination with the NAP SPO Implementing Team. Regent Regulation Nr 73/2020 belongs to all palm oil stakeholders in Pelalawan, by which its implementation requires contribution and collaboration from all relevant stakeholders.

Writing by: Agus Hekso Proklamanto