FoKSBI Releases Report of National Action Plan Public Consultation


In order to gather inputs and comments from all related stakeholders, the Indonesia sustainable palm oil forum (FoKSBI) held the final public consultation process for the Indonesia National Action Plan (NAP) for Sustainable Palm Oil from 14 July 2017 to 7 November 2017. This public consultation was conducted at the provincial and national level, and also internationally through an online consultation.   

In total, 240 responses were received from local, national, and international stakeholders, in a mixture of Indonesian and English. Feedback were received from various plantation companies, national and international non-government organizations (NGOs), industry associations and thinktanks, and smallholder palm oil farmers and associations, and also the national, provincial, and district government.

To read the report of the public consultation, please click here to download it automatically.

In this report, you can read some of the feedback received in accordance to each component of the NAP, and the breakdown statistic of the overall feedback. Also featured in the report; the explanation of next steps to be taken by FoKSBI to finalized the plan.

Once it’s finalized, this NAP is expected to be a reference for all key stakeholders in implementing the development of a more sustainable palm oil in Indonesia.