As the world's main producer of palm oil, Indonesia plays a big part in reducing enviromental impact and to ensure sustainability products for consumers around the globe. In October 2014, Ministry of Agriculture and its partners launched the Indonesian sustainable palm oil forum, titled FoKSBI (Forum Kelapa Sawit Berkelanjutan Indonesia) to coordinate the entire sector and the initiatives that focus on development of sustainable palm oil.

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JULY 2,2021

Palm Oil - Cattle Integration Being Developed in South Kalimantan

MARCH 22,2021

Indonesia: A forest first nation. Musdalifah Mahmud and Fadhil Hasan

MARCH 10,2021

Helps Farmers Obtaining ISPO Certification, This is Regent Harris' explanation

MARCH 9,2021

Pelalawan District Moves On with District Action Plan for Sustainable Palm Oil

“To create a forum in Indonesia which enables collective agreement on sustainable and systematic solutions for the production of palm oil that is respectful to the environment, expands social benefits and improves Indonesia’s market competiveness.”


Government to Prioritise
Smallholder Mapping Via FoKSBI

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