National Action Plan

National Action Plan on Sustainable Palm Oil

Actions in the National Action Plan

Cross-Cutting Issues

  • Develop Smallholder Database
  • Increase Awareness Raising of Existing Oil Palm Regulations
  • Increase Coordination between Government Institutions
  • Support for Improved Law Enforcement in the Palm Oil Sector


Component I

Capacity Building for Smallholders

  • Improving the capability and building the capacity of smallholders to use certified seed
  • Increase GAP training
  • Increase access to funding for replanting
  • Forming and strengthening smallholders organizations
  • Revitalized training and extensions office


Component II

Environment Management and Monitoring

  • Improve biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services at the plantation level
  • Increase the contribution in reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Increase the use of palm oil related waste management in improving hygiene and environmental health


Component III

Governance and Conflict Mediation

  • Implementation of One Map Policy as a tool to help address land related conflict
  • Ensure the development of community plantation
  • Address and complete land and social conflict issues quicker
  • Workers Related Issues in the plantation sector

Component IV

ISPO Strengthening and Market Access

  • ISPO awareness raising for key national stakeholders
  • Accelerated implementation of ISPO certification for companies and planters
  • ISPO acceptance by international stakeholders

Get Involved

FoKSBI holds periodic meetings to combine input from various stakeholders including the government, the private sector, civil society such as NGOs and associations representing millions of farmers. The aim of the multi-stakeholder discussion is to identify and agree on ways to ensure the sustainability of oil palm, both from the economic, environmental and public sectors.

Since the NAP has been finalized, support from all stakeholders in ensuring the implementation and monitoring of the actions are essential. 

To find out how you can join FoKSBI and play a role in creating a more sustainable future for Indonesian palm oil please contact us.

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